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About Me


Kindness & Connection Specialist

Mental Health Ambassador

Keynote Speaker

Meditation Teacher

Happiness Coach

Barefoot Walker

Squeezy Hugger


I lead my life and my career in a courageous, aligned and authentic way.


My extensive corporate Human Resource, People, Culture and Leadership experience has given me insight into what makes a successful and positive workplace culture, and what can create a toxic one!


Being highly intuitive and empathetic, I have an innate ability to listen and understand people and see what makes them tick. 

Its the combination of these skills that allow me to help other leaders to create workplaces that are filled with kindness, connection, wellbeing and psychological safety for their teams. 

What sets my soul on fire is helping others to see what a force for positivity and happiness they can be in their workplace if they lead from the heart, show up authentically and bravely and truly care for themselves and others.

My heart-lead purpose is to show people how they can be seen, heard and supported in workplaces. I help businesses and their leaders to implement structures and frameworks for kindness, wellbeing and psychological safety. I help them to create space for their teams by shining a light on, and embracing, whole-humanness in workplaces.

I am a spiritual warrior.

A strong female leader who lifts and mentors others.

I am a networking powerhouse and love nothing more than connecting with people,  learning about what makes them tick and how I can help them on their journey.

I wear the rainbow, walk barefoot in nature and laugh loudly and often.

I live with high functioning anxiety and I proudly speak about my experiences to help others see that mental illness is nothing to be ashamed about.

I have a house filled with crystals and plants, two soulful and energetic boys, my beautiful supportive husband and our furbabies.

I meditate, journal and spend time outside - every single day.


I am passionate about people

I teach others to identify and harness their strengths and lead powerfully and authentically - in life and in their career. 

My Workshops and Corporate Leadership Wellbeing Programmes are designed in close consultation with my clients, enabling a bespoke approach. 

As part of these offerings, a core

aspect is connection:

We connect with others

Reconnect to ourselves

Connect to nature and energy

By doing so, we create a pathway through self awareness to success and happiness!

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