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Why work with me?

I have been you at one time. I know what its like to not feel like you are enough, to not be confident, to think you’re alone and not be clear on who you are and what your divine self brings to this world.


Are you brave enough to be authentically you? I’ve got you, we’ve got this. Lets go get it together.

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Do you love what you do but are not sure how to get the best out of your people?

Do you have team members who you have difficulty bringing on the shared journey to achieve desired outcomes?

Are you working in your own business and not sure how to create space for yourself to thrive?

Are you a leader who finds it difficult to find time for yourself?

Do you need someone who you can discuss and give you tools to resolve people-based workplace issues with in a safe space?

For over 15 years I have been in leadership positions inspiring clients, leaders and teams to reach their full potential by overcoming their people based hurdles.

I inspire other people to live their lives authentically because I am authentically me! I help mentor people to move into leadership positions and support them on their journey. I help businesses create workplace wellness frameworks that include kindness as one of their key culture basics.

Sophie is an Award Winning and multiple National Women in Leadership Award Finalist, a Kindness Consultant, Mindful Mentor and Workplace Wellness Expert.

Mindful Mentoring

Incorporate mindful techniques into your leadership.

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Mindful Mentoring is a multi-faceted approach helping you to reach your full potential. I do this by guiding you to connect with your authentic self and then helping you live and work in a way that creates personal and professional magic. One on one mentoring to help you learn how to lead from the heart so you can lead your teams with more connection, power, kindness and creativity.  I teach people how to incorporate mindful techniques and kindness into their leadership which positively impacts every facet of your life. Work with me short or long term, it depends on your goals.

Book in for a free initial of 15 minutes zoom session to see if there is a connection and if we are the right fit.

Group Inspiration

A mini-retreat to re-wild your mind. Build connection to others and self.

Group Discussion

Group Inspiration Sessions are a mini-joy retreat for people. These can be done on site or also offered off site and are designed to enhance growth, connection, kindness and magic in your professional and personal life. We look at how we can re-wild our minds, grow stronger in our authenticity, lead professionally and powerfully whilst we lead from the heart.

Keynote Speaking

Inspirational conferences, panel discussions and events.

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Keynote Speaking – A National Life and Business Award Winner and National Women in Leadership Award finalist,  lived experience leading from the heart, produce thriving teams, overcoming workplace bullying, grooming and sexual harassment, sexual discrimination and thriving whilst living with anxiety.

I am available for conferences, panel discussions and events. Please contact me for more information.

I can facilitate face to face or via online platforms.