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Why work with me?

I am an Award Winning and multiple National Women in Leadership Award Finalist, a  Kindness and Connection Specialist, Mindful Mentor, Happiness Coach and Workplace Wellbeing Expert.


My passion is for helping leaders, like you, take care of themselves, 

So they can thrive, not just survive.

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Sophie Bretag


  • I empower burnt out leaders to find balance and joy in their professional lives.

  • I specialise in fostering kind, supportive workplace cultures.

  • I offer compassionate guidance through the complexities of leadership, fostering connection and understanding. 

  • I spark transformation and empower leaders to lead with authenticity, creating brighter, more sustainable futures for themselves and their teams. 


Greater Innovation

Enhanced Resilience

Stronger Relationships

Improved Engagement

Heightened Productivity

Improved Communication

Enhanced Decision Making

Positive Organisational Culture

The list goes on...

Boost leadership wellbeing and efficiency by prioritising self-kindness and resilience.

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Kindness and Connection Mentoring is a multi-faceted approach helping you to reach your full potential. I do this by guiding you to connect with your authentic self and then helping you live and work in a way that creates personal and professional magic.


One on one mentoring to help you learn how to lead from the heart so you can lead your teams with more connection, power, kindness and creativity. 

I teach people how to incorporate mindful techniques and kindness into their leadership which positively impacts every facet of your life.

Work with me short or long term, it depends on your goals.

Contact me for more details by clicking the button below.

Foster an environment where creativity flourishes, experimentation is embraced, and innovation fuels collective growth.


Step into a world of kindness and connection with our transformative workshops, designed to cultivate cohesive, engaged, and mentally resilient teams.


Through immersive experiences, we delve into the holistic wellbeing of individuals while fostering a collective understanding of how organizations can champion mental health and wellness.


Whether on-site or off-site, our workshops ignite growth, deepen connections, and infuse every moment with kindness and magic.


Together, we embark on a journey to rewild our minds amidst nature's embrace, nurture authenticity, and lead with the radiant power of the heart. Join us and unlock the boundless potential within yourself and your team.

Keynote Speaking and MC'ing for Conferences, Panel Discussions, Events.


As a speaker I bring a wealth of lived experience to the stage. Renowned for my ability to lead from the heart, I have a proven track record of cultivating happy teams and achieving success in both leadership and life.

My expertise extends to various platforms, including conferences, panel discussions, retreats, and professional development days. I specialise in topics such as mental health at work, self-kindness for executives and leaders, and fostering leader and team wellbeing. With a passion for creating happier and healthier workplace cultures, I am committed to delivering impactful presentations that inspire and empower.

Whether facilitating face-to-face or via online platforms, I bring energy, authenticity, and actionable insights to every engagement.

Contact me today to elevate your next event with a speaker who truly connects and resonates with audiences.

Keynote Speaking
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