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The Kindness Revolution Is Here - Are you joining us?

Bringing your team to the party!

The great resignation or the great realignment? In a post pandemic world it has become apparent that people are leaving their jobs in the hope of creating a life and career with more purpose and meaning.

So how can we attract, develop and retain our people? Why would people choose to work for your business and what are you offering as part of your Employee Value Proposition that engages your staff?

Are you a kind leader or just any old kind?

As an Executive level Human Resource/People and Culture Manager I have seen how kindness can transform a workplace culture. Similarly, the absence of kindness can result in increased absenteeism, attrition, recruitment and onboarding costs, disengaged teams, reduced productivity, fractured workplaces and diminished ability to service clients. Creating a Culture of Kindness in businesses is not a nice to have its a must have.

In the past few months I have been seeing more and more sharing about kindness in workplaces, kindness in the world and how focussing on developing and cultivating kind leaders can make a difference to us all. Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur and business guru, is consistently talking about what a difference kindness can make to business. One of his most talked about and publicly celebrated team members is Claude Silver, who has famously coined the job title of ‘Chief Heart Officer’.

Zach Mercurio Ph.D., thought leader on purposeful leadership and positive organisational development, consistently talks about how important the concept of ‘mattering’ is in business. As Simon Sinek, world leadership expert, says ‘…people don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it’. If people do not believe that you care about them, that they matter and that you are uninterested in them as a human, you will not be an inspirational leader.

I have found through my life and work that the more kindness I show other people, the more is returned to me. It is not a weakness, it is in fact, a superpower. What we give out we receive back and when I have seen leaders become overbearing, power hungry and cut throat they may achieve short term success, however, it has inhibited them in the long term. Creating workplaces where people want to work, where I want to work, means that we need to believe that collaboration, support, kindness and empathy are of the utmost importance.

Kindness isn't a soft skill, it’s a superpower, and here are the top 3 reasons to use it in business.

Cultivating trust and psychological safety - the importance of trust building in the workplace:

I have seen workplaces that have been filled with people who trust and support each other. I have also been in workplaces where there is no trust and how quickly this can destroy people’s enthusiasm, care and investment in their work. I’ve been in meetings where people have been afraid to speak up because in the past their ideas have been laughed at, shot down or not taken seriously. It stifles innovation and creativity. Trust is one of the most important facets of being a Kind Leader. When you feel trusted to do your job, that your leader empowers you to make decisions without fear of retribution it will absolutely increase productivity, reduce sick leave and attrition.

Creating connection - why connection matters:

There is something so special in a workplace where you feel seen, heard and that you matter. How often have you worked in a team, or seen a team, where people haven't felt comfortable with their leader to discuss personal situations. or been uncomfortable to discuss work related issues and kept 'ploughing on hoping for things to get better'. Nothing kills a culture more quickly than having teams where people do not feel as though they matter. Deep connection shows teams that they are valued as a whole-human instead of a just a number. It’s not what we do but why we matter that counts. If we and our teams feel connected to our leaders, to our peers, to our company and its purpose then this is likely to increase retention, productivity and profitable outcomes.

Self awareness and humility - being authentic improves engagement:

As a leader are you afraid to show up as a whole human? Then how can we expect our people to work optimally? The ability to admit when we are wrong, to ask for help, to not know all the answers. All of these behaviours show vulnerability, authenticity and humility and will allow our teams to be themselves. To put themselves into a situation that may feel uncomfortable and precarious but know that our leaders are there to support and advise makes all the difference to a workplace.

In this new era, we need a new type of leader. We need Kind Leaders.

The power of kindness in business is undeniably the way forward to attract, engage and retain our people. At the heart of every business are humans and workplaces that treat people as whole humans will be the ones which thrive and survive.

I dare you to try being kinder. Everyone wins.

Kindest, Soph

I am a Workplace Kindness Expert, Kindness and Happiness Mentor and an experienced Senior HR Consultant. If you'd like to learn more about how you can incorporate kindness and kind leadership into your business then email me at or on LinkedIn messenger and we can connect. Kindness is a superpower and I'm here to show you how to create more in your business and work!


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